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Making the right choice

By Karen Nodalo

If youíre talking about quality printing, digital printing does it all. You will not have second thoughts whether to print it the digital way or follow the old method. The two types of printing have many differences but in one way or another has their own advantages which both have in common. No matter how we claim digital printing is the most trusted and efficient way of printing, we should never take the old way of printing for granted. Itís nice that we have options for printing. Some tasks and printing jobs still require the old method.
The most advantage of digital printing is that it is less costly than press printing. Press printing requires a lot of processes and equipments and other props.
Digital printing uses the newest type of color application and separation which is the CMYK. This kind of color separation is printed out in tiny dots and they are diversed into other assorted colors. Press printing uses Pantone Matching System which is called the PMS. This kind of color printing is effective and efficient too. These colors are mixed to sort out and match a certain tone of colors.
Proofing is done quickly in digital printing. It saves time and cuts the budget because editing and some changes can be easily done in the computer and in the printer directly. Press printing may not be that expensive but it does not maintain very good accuracy.
Digital printing chooses the kind of paper to print on. The thickness and weight is required because it does not cover all types of paper quality. While in press printing, you can choose from a variety of paper sizes and quality. Special paper can be processed without considering the thickness or the weight. So thereís no need in worrying if the paper can be printed on.

Of some finishing touches and polishing needs to be done. In digital printing, only limited types of finishing preferences are available. Digital printers do not offer much die-cutting while press printing, die cutting can easily be done and other types such as embossing. Some techniques are not as available as the traditional method of printing.
Digital printing only covers a limited choice of material and paper, styles and even the formats. Bigger formats will require additional equipment other than that of smaller print formats. While in press printing, you can choose from a lot of formats and styles without using any other equipment or device.
Now, these are some points on the advantages and disadvantages of printing. you have your choice to make and that choice is considered to be just and fairly because they have their own differences. Itís now all up to you to make a pick.

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About the author:
Karen Nodalo came across writing when she was about 11. The whole craze for writing started when she first wrote her diary during elementary years. After school, she would write in it first before doing homework. She finds it cool and until now she still keeps one.

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